As a network operator, you are faced with many business and operational challenges.  Not only are you dealing with disruptive competition, but you are also preparing for the impact of 5G and IoT.  In order to profitably take advantage of these opportunities, you are embracing  and adopting technologies like NFV and SDN, which in many ways make the network more complex. The good news however, is that innovations in the areas of big data analytics, intent-based orchestration and management are now addressing the need to transform towards more intelligent, automated, ‘self-driving’ networks to achieve greater end-customer satisfaction.

This webinar will feature a case study where advanced analytics and machine learning are simplifying and transforming network operations. 

In this webinar, you wil learn:

  • The role and benefits of big data analytics for service providers.
  • About new innovations for generating deep insights from multiple sources across the multi-vendor and multi-domain network.
  • How big data analytics can be combined with intent-based orchestration and management to provide a path towards intelligent automation.
  • About new solutions that enable a collaborative approach to developing analytics apps that help solve business and operational challenges.
  • Different approaches for implementing analytics-as-a-service vs. as an application.

With the rise of IoT and 5G, deep insights into how the network is functioning are critical—not just for technical peace of mind, but for the operation of the business itself. Leveraging Big Data Analytics, combined with intent-based orchestration and management, enables network operators to make smarter, data-driven decisions about their businesses while providing a path towards more intelligent, automated, ‘self-driving’ networks.