BTR Award close upWith all the new and emerging applications like 5G, streaming content, and IoT, the demand for more bandwidth at the network edge will only continue to grow. But space for equipment is increasingly limited and expensive. Network operators face substantial capital expenditures to activate new locations, or they must retire active equipment in data centers to free space for adding new services. Addressing bandwidth demand growth by deploying more and larger equipment is simply not a sustainable business model.

Additionally, service velocity has become a critical competitive advantage for network operators. How can operators rapidly deploy new packet-based services in a completely safe and secure automated manner?

With powerful new software and hardware capabilities, Ciena’s award winning 5171 simplifies networks by providing a higher level of integration and utilization. Coherent pluggable optics simplify the network designs by reducing the overall number of network elements resulting in a reduction of power, space, cost, and complexity. It allows operators to do more with less to turn up services faster for a quicker time to revenue.

Learn about the 5171 in this Chalk Talk video, how it combines packet and coherent optical technologies in a dense state-of-the-art platform that is also deployable in an outside cabinet for an increased addressable application space to help network operators get bandwidth, where they need it.

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Man talking with 5171 platform diagram at the background
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