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How governments can solve layer 3 network complexity

What if government agencies could monitor and analyze their IP networks to ensure peak efficiency and service continuity—all while trying to modernize the network, balance cost, performance, and resiliency?

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EdTech update: 4 requirements for networks supporting education in Australia

Ciena's Andrew Roberts details the bandwidth requirements for the latest EdTech applications.

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5 tips to scale your network, not your complexity in 2020 and beyond

What are the benefits of opening the Radio Access Network (RAN) and what is the industry doing to drive this change? Ciena’s Brian Lavallée explains.

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Chalk Talk - Nonlinear Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS) in WaveLogic 5 Extreme

Network Function Virtualization, or NFV, is a way to reduce cost and accelerate service deployment for network operators by decoupling functions like a firewall or encryption from dedicated hardware and moving them to virtual servers.

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