Own the Edge

Break away from the pack: How service providers can win by owning the edge

A surge of new services, content, and applications are being created and consumed at the edge of the network by both business and residential consumers. But access and metro networks designed 15 years ago weren’t built to optimize performance for these services.

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Long-exposure car headlights

Ciena has joined Google Cloud's 5G/Edge ISV Program to help enterprises accelerate migration of their IT resources to the cloud

Ciena has joined Google’s 5G/Edge ISV initiative and is working to marry its networking expertise to improve the scale, velocity, and ability to automate higher capacity connections for machine-to-user connections from the Edge.

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Globe How Network as a Service is transforming the customer experience

Communication service providers must upgrade their infrastructures to cope with accelerating technology development and customer demand.

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Royal flush poker hand Strengthen your advantage with Emulation Cloud and MCP Services to come out the winner

In this final blog of the 4-part MCP Applications series, Marie Fiala describes the resources at your disposal to integrate, deploy and adopt intelligent network control into your holistic network operations.

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Ciena Leaders discuss what it will take to Own the Edge

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