Sports fans with foam hats

The next sports phenomenon requires the network

The latest sports craze doesn’t involve a ball or a helmet, it’s esports, and it is filling arenas and drawing millions of online fans. Ciena’s Kevin Sheehan tells the story of his recent experience at ESL One, and how massive online events like these require a network that defeats all challengers.

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Fingers and device close up

Cable’s Fiber Outlook Survey – 87% Plan Aggregation in Outside Plant

As part of the annual “Cable’s Fiber Outlook Survey Report”, Heavy Reading surveyed over 200 respondents to get insights on Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) and the Converged Interconnect Network (CIN).

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Cityscape with streaks of light

New decade, new challenges – your success will depend on having the right services partner

Technologies like 5G, IoT and streaming everywhere are bringing monumental change to your network.

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Is your network ready to adapt to the future of gaming?

By 2021, there will be an estimated 2.57 billion—with a B—gamers globally. Can’t grasp that? How about this: the online game-universe of Call of Duty has grossed more revenue in 16 years than the entire Stars Wars franchise has earned in its 40-plus-year history.

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