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Network Edge: Enterprises are ready for a more comprehensive approach - but can telcos deliver?

Over the last few years, enterprises have begun embracing more automation and virtualization in the wide area network (WAN), says Ciena's Artur Kwiatkowski. For many of them, that last application has been the starting point towards a virtualized network environment.

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A smarter way: how analytics apps are solving your optical network challenges

Data is coming fast and furious for network providers – how can they understand what is happening so they can make smarter decisions to transform their optical network operations? Ciena's Paulina Gomez explains how customers are doing this today with advanced software applications.

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4 key business plan levers to achieve successful rural broadband

The FCC recently announced the winners of the first round of Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF). Now comes the task of delivering high-performance connectivity at competitive prices. Find out the four essential business requirements providers must meet to deliver on this promise.

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TIP's transport SDN workstream, MUST, puts CSPs in control of network automation

The prevailing diverse SDN standards and automation frameworks have caused confusion and have slowed down network automation progress.

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Transforming photonic network operations with Liquid Spectrum

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