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More speed for 5G with Zero-Touch Network Slicing

The network slicing capabilities in 5G networks promise to open a plethora of new use cases around guaranteed speeds, low latency, reliability, and more.

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Designing for programmable infrastructures – advancements in electro-optic components

In this article, Patricia Bower reviews the advances made in electro-optical component design, the other critical constituent of a coherent optical modem enabling programmable infrastructures.

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How quickly can you activate new MPLS services?

MPLS tunnels are the go-to technology to deliver network services. But provisioning and activation can take days or even weeks. Blue Planet’s Mitch Auster details how intelligent automation can solve the many complexities of MPLS service activation.

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Cross-pollination of land, sea, and cloud-based technologies

Ciena’s Submarine Networking expert Brian Lavallée takes a look at how the ongoing cross-pollination of terrestrial and data center technologies is benefiting next-generation submarine networks.

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What is coherent optics?

Coherent optics provides the performance and flexibility to transport significantly more information on the same fiber.

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