IDC Survey: Optimization is key to Service Providers in the Age of Resiliency

IDC's Curtis Price shares insights from a recent Communication Service Provider Optimization Services survey that highlights the challenges CSPs are facing and how they see network optimization as a path forward.

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Soldiers in a server room

3 network capabilities that agencies need to keep up with cyberthreats

As malicious cyberattacks continue to grow, agencies need to ensure they're deploying the best possible lines of defense to keep data and systems safe. Jim Westdorp, Ciena's Government Chief Technologist, details the three network capabilities agencies need to keep up with cyberthreats.

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Skeleton key unlocking door

Unlocking your access fiber with universal aggregation

In the second and final part of Charles Ufongene's series on Universal Aggregation, he takes a look at Operational Expense (OPEX), and how to unlock buried (and aerial) fiber treasure in your access network.

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Blue bianary numbers

A methodology for crossing the chasm from legacy to modern networks

TBR analyst Chris Antlitz details the benefits of a "consolidate and transform" approach to network modernization, and how a Tier 1 North American-based operator recently used this strategy to achieve lowered opex, less operational risk, and a host of other benefits.

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