Today’s users expect unlimited bandwidth with no additional cost, and these bandwidth demands shift faster than you can say pop quiz. Your network needs to be able to adapt in real time to these unpredictable requirements to offer your customers innovative services – and you need to have the knowledge to make this possible. 

 Do you know:

  • Which photonic layer architectures are being used in next gen networks?
  • The difference between performance-optimized and pluggable coherent modules?
  • How the latest technology trends in the fast-moving DCI space?
  • How advanced software applications and analytics are driving increased process automation in optical networks? 

Ciena’s comprehensive Optical Network Master Class Series gives the insights you need to understand how a programmable infrastructure enables more efficiency and scale—and how to graduate to the Adaptive Network™.


In the Lab: Automating the Photonic Layer
Professor: Paulina Gomez 
Enroll in this session to learn why network providers are increasingly moving towards a more agile photonic layer to better scale their networks for higher capacity while reducing energy consumption and cost. 

Understanding the MathReducing Cost Per Bit with Coherent 
Professor: Helen Xenos
After watching this session, you will understand the important factors driving the cost equation for performance- and footprint-optimized solutions. You’ll also learn how to match the best coherent solution to specific network applications based on your networking requirements.

A+ Interconnect—New Trends for Top-notch DCI Networks 
Professor: Kent Jordan
Learn from the leader in DCI about key interconnect market trends to modernize your DCI network.  Learn how next-gen DCI solutions can scale to fit any application small or large and how process automation can simplify operations and system turn-up.

Staying Lean and Fit—Enabling the Adaptive Network with Analytics 
Professor: Paulina Gomez
Wondering where analytics can be used with optical networks to automate manual processes and open opportunities for more strategic planning and development? Put on your lab coat and get ready to learn how you can take a programmable infrastructure, mix in analytics and SW control, and take tangible steps in evolving to the more automated Adaptive Network.  This advanced class combines learnings from previous sessions and features use cases leveraging advanced software applications and analytics that help you gain visibility, automate processes, and increase network capacity and service availability from any given WDM investment. Your network will be in a class by itself.