Who doesn’t like to have choices?  Whether it’s our choice of coffee in the morning, our make of car, or which browser we use – we enjoy being able to pick what we think is right for us. And the availability of choice empowers us, according to Susan Weinschenk Ph.D in Psychology Today.

The same holds for your network support.  You want to be able to choose what’s right for your network, your goals, and your organization’s objectives.  Too often, you don’t have the right options to select from, leaving you in a situation where you may have too little coverage.  Or, perhaps there are too many features that you don’t think you will use. It’s important to have the right set of options and to be able to match them to your unique requirements.

This need for choice is increasingly important in today’s constantly-shifting ecosystem of new services and unforeseen customer demands that require your network to adapt like never before.

But how do you know what’s really right for you, your network, and your organization? Let’s take a look at some things to consider.

First, how much personalized service do you want?  Would you like a Customer Service Manager who is reviewing your incidents and your service needs, providing you with reports and recommendations?  Well, at Ciena, you can get that with our Select Support, which is a new brand for our SmartSupport offering.  This Includes technical support and software upgrades and updates, bringing you more personalization than you would usually get with a standard offer.

Would you like even more personalization with an assigned Customer Lead Engineer?  Someone you know and can call when things start to go badly?  Then our new Premier Support offer is right for you, which includes both a Customer Service Manager and a Customer Lead Engineer.  Adding to the personalization, you also receive customized service level agreements (SLAs) as well as proactive services through a menu that include offers like Network Health Analytics and Network Assessments. You make your choice and use the Flex Credits that come with your Premier Service. Again, you get to choose what’s right for you.

We know that your network needs are changing.  In this world of ever-expanding bandwidth, networks are being tested to their limits. Our vision of the future is the Adaptive Network, and we’ve created these services for the network that you have today as well as the one that you are moving to tomorrow.

We’re making these new services available to you right now – and we’d love to hear your reaction to them.