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Why Adaptive is the biggest story in networking

The long-desired goal of network automation is coming closer to reality. Joe Cumello explains why autonomous networking alone is not enough, and introduces Ciena’s Adaptive Network, which combines the right mixture of automation, intelligence, and scale that allows network operators to adapt in today’s constantly-shifting ecosystem.

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Following the 3-pillar approach to effective security strategy

Large-scale data breaches are reported in the press almost daily, with devastating consequences for the organizations and individuals involved. A multi-layer security strategy minimizes cybersecurity risks for your organization and streamlines the compliance journey in the run-up to upcoming legislation.

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Being a Catalyst of Industry Change

Order-to-activation lag is especially problematic for inter-carrier services. Ciena's Sam Torrente details how Ciena Blue Planet and DGIT Systems worked together to create an award-winning solution using open APIs and service abstraction to automate service delivery from end-to-end in minutes.

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 What Is Programmable Infrastructure?

Programmable infrastructure is a highly instrumented packet and optical infrastructure that securely manages a dynamic pool of virtual and physical resources, accessed and configured via common, open interfaces.

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