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What is Fiber Densification?

There is a new term that is increasingly cropping up in networking conversations: densification. Ciena’s Helen Xenos explains what this is and how it is elevating the end user experience.

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Network services and the value of choice

Your network has its own unique needs to support your organization’s goals and objectives. That’s why Ciena is introducing new services that allow you to personalize support to your specific needs. Ciena’s Pamela Morgan explains.

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Protecting your business from cyber threats

The phone rings—there’s been a breach. Ciena’s chief security architect Jim Carnes explains how to integrate security into each aspect of your business to mitigate this stressor–and stop fearing that call.

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 What is Network Analytics?

Network analytics provides operators and enterprises with a deep understanding of the network, enabling smarter, data-driven decisions.

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