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Fiber densification without complexity the goal of two new Ciena platforms

To support the bandwidth demands on already taxed networks, providers are looking for solutions that can provide step-level improvements in operational efficiencies instead of just incremental advancements to support more capacity within the same area or footprint.

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Coherent optical turns 10: Here’s how it was made

Today, coherent-based technology is the de-facto standard for high-speed optical transport networks at 100G and beyond. But that wasn't always the case.

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Growing and succeeding together with the Spirit of Collaboration

Throughout 2017, we hosted a series of Partner roundtables where Olympic athletes spoke about collaboration and its vital role in their success. This year, we’re taking our Partner collaboration strategy to the next level.

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 What is coherent optics?

Coherent optics provides the performance and flexibility to transport significantly more information on the same fiber.

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