Modernization of government networks is top of mind in every agency. These efforts require a careful assessment of the mission requirements and a new look at network architectures that best fit changing mission needs. The increased utilization of cloud based data storage, compute processing resources and applications, and the opportunity to utilize software defined networking (SDN) and virtualized endpoint functions has not only changed how we use networks, but also the degree to which we rely on these networks to be agile, always available and intelligent.

As is often the case in today’s complex security landscape, flexibility is pitted against security when it comes to network infrastructure, especially when it comes to updating and consolidating government networks. But shouldn’t the network be able to support an automated and agile network while still maintaining tight control over the critical information infrastructure?

JITC logoCiena can help. The Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification for our layer 2 Ethernet access and aggregation solutions helps empower a converged military mission network, laying  a future-proof foundation for a more automated and agile network. This gives DoD buyers a new choice for Ethernet and layer 2 services, as well as a new option for converging network layers—leading to fewer boxes with less power and space needs.

For the DoD in particular, modernizing the network is a top CIO priority impacting every mission. From reducing the threat surface and strengthening cybersecurity to improving interoperability and ability to access information to the realization of increased cost efficiencies, it’s no small order. A vital step towards this sweeping modernization is the consolidation of network infrastructure required to support missions. Today’s patchwork of multiple, application-specific legacy networks are costly to maintain, do not easily support changing mission needs, and are hard to defend against increasing cyber-attacks.

A New Option for Ethernet Services

The JITC certification of Ciena’s Ethernet portfolio adds Ciena’s industry leading Ethernet access and aggregation solutions to the approved product list, providing new options for network infrastructure consolidation, including Ethernet backhaul, Ethernet edge, and Ethernet aggregation applications with a Unified Communications (UC) compliant offering within the DoD. With a range of platform solutions to meet a variety of port counts, port sizes from 100M to 10G, and leading power, space, and environment requirements, Ciena is providing a simplified yet agile and automated mission network from range to base to core.

Ciena Government Solutions white paper thumbWhile required to be included on the DoD-approved product list, JITC certification has far reaching benefits for other customers as well, as its extensive testing of both security and interoperability allows other verticals may trust it by extension. After passing rigorous security requirements, Ciena’s 6500, 3900 , and 5100 families of platforms were certified interoperable with other JITC certified vendor solutions.

As the mission changes, so must the network.  Ciena’s highly available and resilient solutions enable cost effective assured network modernization. Ciena’s OPn architecture approach enables unprecedented scale at lower cost per bit economics while enabling the convergence of the optical and layer 2 packet network layers into a single platform. The days of having to choose between flexibility and security are drawing to a close and Ciena is proud to be part of the solutions landscape in the federal space.

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