Colored Blocks imageSoftware-Defined Control – Brought to You by the Letter C 

SDN is an enabling technology for network transformation, but it is not a one-size-fits-all model. Models vary based on the current and future needs of the operator, which in turn are based on the underlying network infrastructure.

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Bandaid on smart phoneNetwork, heal thyself – with analytics and AI

With the move to virtualized networks, operators need to be able to manage hybrid networks made up of physical and virtual components, and assurance must be predictive. To accomplish this, operators are beginning to use intent-based management that relies on orchestration, data analytics, policy and machine learning to autonomically provision, configure and assure their networks and the services they deliver to customers.

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Fiber Deep green fiberWhat is Fiber Deep to you?

Fiber deep is the trend in which MSOs push fiber ever closer to customers to provide them with better service. This is a great description for Fiber Deep, but what does it mean to you and how do you use the technique in your role in Network Engineering and Operations.

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Women at a table

Love Acronyms

Welcome to our first I Love Acronyms (ILA) challenge! Every other week we'll share a Ciena or telecom industry acronym and ask you, the community, to answer with the official title, term or phrase that it represents. We know you can look it up or do a shout-out to a friend for help, but we're trusting you not to do a quick Google search, flip through the Ciena Acronym Guide, or ask your colleague. 

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What is LSO?
Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) is a framework and architecture for automating the lifecycle of a connectivity service from end to end across multiple technology domains and provider networks.

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