Fighting with light swords

Get Ready to Geek Out! Ciena’s Guide to Geek Pride

Yesterday was International Geek Pride Day. We're celebrating with some of the stellar minds at Ciena by looking at the careers and insights of some of our best and brightest resident “geeks” here.

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Yellow, Green, BlueWhat is FlexEthernet and why is it so important?

How many of you remember Gumby? That’s right, Gumby, the green claymation character from The Gumby Show which aired in the U.S. during the 1950s and 60s. And what is Gumby best known for? Being flexible. Stretchy. Adaptive. Perhaps we should think of Gumby as the patron saint of modern networking...

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Different screens3 Take-Aways from the Content Delivery Summit

Ciena's Susan Friedman covers the hot topics from last week's Content Delivery Summit in New York. So what were the hot topics on the minds of attendees?

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What is fiber deep?
Fiber deep is the trend in which MSOs push fiber ever closer to customers to provide them with better service.

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