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Getting Ahead of the NFV Complexity Curve with Advanced Visualization

One of the concerns of moving to NFV is that the service delivery model can be more complex than traditional hardware-based networks. ETSI's NFV Release 2 specifications aim to address this by introducing a number of advances designed to improve overall interoperability and operationilization.

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Lights of Europe at night from spaceNorthern Europe Goes Dark, and It’s a Good Thing

Eastern Light is a Swedish-based company that aims to change how bandwidth is carried around Northern Europe, a hotbed of data center activity, by offering long-haul international dark fiber networks.

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Colorful blocks on greenUp your IQ: Top 3 signs it’s time to deploy SDN and NFV

Get up-to-speed on the Essentials of NFV and SDN with two experts from Ciena's Blue Planet team, and in additional you'll get a free copy of our latest eBook: An NFV and SDN Guide for Carriers and Service Providers.

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TelegraphWhy TLS/SSL encryption techniques are not enough and still expose you to hacking threats

If your in-flight data encryption strategy relies on TLS and SSL, you may not be as secure as you think. That's because these techniques don't encrypt all the data being being transferred, exposing a vulnerable gap within your security strategy. Paulina Gomez details what you can do.

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Wooden man climbing steps7 Steps to Big Data Analytics and AI

Operators are turning to big data tools and analytics to analyze the vast amounts of information they’re accumulating in data lakes. Here are seven steps to get there, and how Ciena's new Blue Planet Analytics can help.

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I Love Acronyms: HBOS

Join the Ciena Community "I Love Acronyms" challenge and share what HBOS represents in telecommunications.

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Man with tablet G.8032 failed to reroute

Help a peer and share your experience to find a solution. Share your experiences.

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What is your preferred approach in giving feedback?

Online survey? Online forums? Share with use how you like to give feedback in our monthly voice of customer survey. Vote today!

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What is SDN to you?
Why is SDN needed? How would you explain SDN to someone with no knowledge of the technology? How can we better support you on this topic? We want to hear from you.

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