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Why automation is a critical component of the Adaptive Network

ACG Research partnered with Ciena to collect over 200 surveys and interviews on service provider attitudes, opportunities and challenges related to Software Control and Automation.

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How will Adaptive IP change your IP networks?

IP technology is the industry choice for emerging applications such as 5G, but the way IP protocols are delivered must evolve due to new and emerging use cases.

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Definition10 new terms that will help define the future of 5G

5G is coming, and with it a host of new terms and acronyms. We try to make sense of it all with definitions for the ones that matter most for the future of 5G network architectures.

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Kim RobertsHonoring Ciena’s Kim Roberts, recipient of the 2019 John Tyndall Award

At OFC 2019 Ciena’s Kim Roberts was presented with the John Tyndall Award. In an article from Gazettabyte, Roy Rubenstein takes an in-depth look at the career and talents of this networking industry pioneer.

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Boys eating donutSharing bandwidth with the neighbors

Whether you realize it or not, all connections over the Internet are shared connections. That goes for your residential cable broadband connection, too. Ciena's Wayne Hickey explains how Cable Operators can reduce sharing sizes to increase overall customer quality of experience.

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