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Photonic integration and co-packaging: Design tools for footprint optimization in data center networks

As traffic within and between data centers continues to grow, operators need to constrain the resulting increase in power consumption to minimize operational costs.

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Q&A with Akamai: Automating Multi-Access, Multi-Service Edge Computing with Video Distribution

Marc Fiuczynski of Akamai Technologies sits down with Blue Planet’s Rob Tomkins to discuss the automation of multi-access, multi-service edge computing including video distribution.

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Nails and wireThe future of Ethernet services in the era of the Adaptive Network

As enterprises continue their shift to the cloud and service providers work towards a digital transformation journey that promises better network automation and agility, what will the future hold for Ethernet services?

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Lights with a netOn-Demand Services for our On-Demand World

Anand Santhanam, Vice President, Communications, Media & Entertainment, Americas, of Infosys and Blue Planet’s Kailem Anderson, Vice President of Software and Services, discuss the value that on-demand services bring to network operators, and to the enterprises they serve.

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Why NFV?

Until recently, network functions such as firewalls and encryption have been performed on dedicated hardware devices. The rise of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) has shifted this kind of processing to commodity servers.

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