Cake Can utilities support high bandwidth for IT applications but ensure low latency for mission critical OT traffic?

Ciena’s Mitch Simcoe explains how utilities can meet the challenge of growing bandwidth demand from IT applications, with low- latency performance for mission critical OT applications.

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Why automation is a critical component of the Adaptive Network

ACG Research partnered with Ciena to collect over 200 surveys and interviews on service provider attitudes, opportunities and challenges related to Software Control and Automation.

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The real value of Managed Services: More than just “keeping the lights on”

Managed services are a fast-growing segment of the overall IT Services industry, but surprisingly enough a lot of people really don’t understand what managed services are, or the benefits they bring to businesses.

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What Is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation combines software-defined control and orchestration with big data analytics, allowing service providers to use deep knowledge about the network to power adaptive automation of their services and operations.

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