Green boxes on carsIs technology the answer to stopping unsafe driving behaviors?

All of us at times, are guilty of unsafe driving. Learn about a project Ciena is working on with the Colorado Department of Transportation to reduce traffic accidents and make our daily travels safer.

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Arrow and shoesPredictions: Ciena CTO Steve Alexander on the key network technologies of 2019

Steve Alexander, Ciena SVP and CTO, talks through his predictions for the future of technologies like 5G, AI, software automation, and blockchain.

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River and cityscape at dusk

What is a Converged Interconnect Network (CIN)?

The term, Converged Interconnect Network (CIN), has been around for a few years now – but it is only now with its importance in enabling MSOs to deploy Distributed Access Architectures that it is getting more attention.

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Man on phone in glass width=

Intercontinental submarine network services

Intercontinental network connections do not stop at the beach. Learn how companies like NJFX, Zayo, and Ciena work together to get your data from the beach to you.

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What is Network Analytics?

Utilizing artificial intelligence and automation technologies, network analytics helps operators make smarter, data-driven operational and business decisions.

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