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What Happens When Quantum Physics Meets Cryptography?

As the world moves closer to turning the theory of quantum computing into a reality, research and development in cryptography is underway that could radically change encryption and network security. Ciena’s Paulina Gomez explains.

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Group picture with bunny earsGet Ready for Generation ‘Z’

Are you ready for Generation Z? Born between 1995 and 2012, this generation has their own way of doings things and of consuming content online. Ciena's Wayne Hickey explains these generational differences and how you can modernize your network assets to bridge the generation gap.

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Transit station

Smart Transit: Moving Beyond Points A and B

From on-board Wi-Fi to in-transit shopping and ride services, the smart rail experience of the future is a fully integrated experience and a major win for passengers. But it needs the right network to make it go. Ciena’s Daniele Loffreda explains.

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Teacher with tablet teaching kidsShare Your Experiences

Help industry colleagues find a solution by sharing your experiences. Browse open community questions.

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Vote in Our Poll

What broad, industry topics are you most interested in hearing about? Vote and leave a comment to share more with us on why you’re interested in that topic or another topic.

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What is SD-WAN?
For enterprises, the benefits include lower connectivity costs and operating expenses when compared to traditional MPLS-based WAN or private lines.

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