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Important Questions About the Future of 5G

5G is coming, but what does it mean for bandwidth and the networks that are tasked with handling the huge capacities that 5G brings? In this Q&A, Ciena's Brian Lavallée answers some of the key questions about the future of 5G.

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Child in pink"I Spy 5G Communications Technology” and Other Road Trip Games

Taking a family road trip this summer? Head off those "Are we there yet?" questions with this communications technology "I spy" road trip game. Can you spot them all?

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Autonomous Networks… Are You Ready?

Who better to tell you about your network health than your network itself? Ciena's Brian Lavallée explains where we are (and where we're going) on the road to autonomous networks.

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Test Your Acronym Knowledge: CODEC

Test your telecommunications acronym knowledge and share what CODEC represents in our new "I Love Acronyms" challenge.

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Teacher with tablet with studentsShare Your Experiences

Help industry colleagues find a solution by sharing your experiences. Browse open community questions.

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Vote in Our Poll

What broad, industry topics are you most interested in hearing about? Vote and leave a comment to share more with us on why you’re interested in that topic or another topic.

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What Is WDM?

WDM is a technique in fiber optic transmission for using multiple light wavelengths to send data over the same medium.

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