Digital-First India: Building a future proof and Adaptive Network for Airtel

How did Airtel build a new infrastructure that can dynamically adjust and keep up with ever-changing user demands in India? Ciena’s Rajesh Nambiar explains.

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Cable plays nice: Service convergence on the CIN

SCTE Cable-Tec EXPO starts in 1-week! Moving to 10G, Distributed Access Architectures and associated technologies such as the Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) will undoubtedly garner a lot of ‘air time’ during the sessions and on the exhibition show floor.

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When time is money, banks can’t afford a network outage

To deliver a higher quality customer experience, banks of all sizes are deploying innovative digital applications and partnering with FinTechs to bundle new services.

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What is Network Analytics?

Utilizing artificial intelligence and automation technologies, network analytics helps operators make smarter, data-driven operational and business decisions.

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