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Pluggables: Their role in coherent technology evolution

Coherent technology, a game-changer for optical networking a decade ago, has continued to evolve in new and exciting ways. Explore the pluggables branch of the coherent technology evolution.

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Understanding why CDC with flexible grid is so popular for next-gen networks

As Colorless-Directionless-Contentionless (CDC) with flexible grid (CDC-F) is becoming a reality for some network operators do you really know what they mean, why they are being adopted and what benefits they provide?

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Colored smokeMoving beyond orchestration to full transformation

Adan K. Pope, Chief Information Technology Officer and CSO, Ciena Blue Planet, shares his views on how combining orchestration and federation accelerates digital transformation.

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Hand touching light bulbFrom the Archive: 5 outcomes our new Ciena Insights Service brings to your network

Preshank Saxena details how Ciena Insights Service can help by incorporating powerful advanced analytics capabilities from Ciena’s Blue Planet platform, consumable in a convenient SaaS delivery model.

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How well do you know Coherent Optics?

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