Starting a new job can be a challenging experience, but when you find the right company, it can make all the difference. As a Talent Attraction professional, the transition to a new company is not always easy, but with the help and guidance of my team, I was able to settle in quickly. At Ciena, I've found a supportive team, a welcoming work environment, and a company that truly cares about its employees.

I love that Ciena is a people-oriented company where employee wellness is a top priority. Ciena offers numerous benefits, from flexible working options to customized health benefit plans. Also, the food at the Gurugram, India office is amazing!

I was curious to know what my colleagues from different teams and locations love about working at Ciena, so I asked around. Here's a quick rundown of what I heard.

Man smilingNicholas Bessey (shown left), an Associate Systems Sales Engineer in London, enjoys the opportunity to work with Ciena's technology and travel the world, but what sets Ciena apart for him is the company culture.

“Not only have I had the opportunity to learn and work with cutting-edge technology, but I’ve also traveled to Belfast and Orlando, as well as to India for a 4-week training program. In my opinion, the technology and the traveling aspects of my job are fantastic, but what makes Ciena particularly special to work for is the global company culture,” said Nicholas. “Since I joined, I have worked with people from Morocco, Italy, Sudan, Germany, Singapore, India, Australia, the US, and dozens of other countries around the globe. Everyone at Ciena, including the CEO, is willing to speak with you, no matter who you are. On my first day, Gary Smith sat down with me for lunch and spoke to me. I believe that this type of mentality and culture is rather unusual for a company with moreHeadshot of woman smiling than 8,000 employees. The experience highlighted that at Ciena, people matter, you matter.”

When Arushi Sharma (shown right), an Analyst from the Gurugram office in India, joined Ciena she was amazed by her colleagues' supportive and helpful nature throughout her onboarding experience.

“One thing I really like about Ciena as a new employee is that people are always ready to help and guide you, be it my teammates, my manager, People Connect, IT team, or Finance team. All the support I received made my onboarding very smooth.”

Man smiling on tradeshow floorNicolas Siqueira Marquardt (shown left), a Sales Engineer Intern based in Brazil, likes the opportunities for learning and development as he works with experienced engineers.

“It has been amazing working for this company. Ciena offers several tools to leverage knowledge in different areas, as well as support for career development,” said Nicolas. “As a telecom engineering student, I’ve been learning a lot from experienced engineers on my team. I love Ciena’s culture of collaboration, belonging, and empowerment – it provides a great working environment where you feel included.”Selfie of man smiling

Ajay Garg (shown right), Embedded Software Engineer 2B, finds it fulfilling to work on Ciena's technology and know that operators around the world are using his work.

“Working at Ciena is the first instance in my career where I am working on world-class products. It’s nice to know that my work is valued and is being used by customers around the world. Also, Ciena is an organization that understands that the work we do is, of course, important, but that people are the topmost priority,” said Ajay.

In my experience, these stories reflect the central theme that runs throughout Ciena – the company is all about people. I am proud to be a part of Ciena, a company that values its people and invests in their success. With a supportive and empowering culture, opportunities for career development, and commitment to employee well-being, Ciena is truly a special workplace.

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