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Automate and converge your
4G/5G xHaul networks

Openness. It’s critical to gain the freedom you need to design network architectures that deliver differentiated customer experiences.

Based on Ciena’s Adaptive Network™ approach, our 5G Network Solutions are designed to be open, scalable, and automated. From 4G/5G xHaul routers and coherent optics to analytics-driven automation and professional services, our solutions are designed to work in any network environment. Check out our blog and vision paper to learn how you can break free from vendor lock-in and realize the true promise of 5G. It’s your time to own the edge.

Flexible xHaul for 5G evolution

As operators deploy and evolve 5G networks, they need to optimize performance and coverage while minimizing costs and unlocking new revenues. Ciena’s open, scalable, and automated 5G Transport Solutions allow operators to choose their own path in their 5G evolution, providing unmatched transport flexibility when introducing new spectrum, cell sites, architectures, or RAN elements from different vendors.

xHaul Routing Platforms

5G Transport Solutions

5G deployments involve new RAN architectures with major impacts on mobile transport networks. In this Chalk Talk video, we will discuss some of the key challenges network operators face to connect 4G/5G converged networks, the diverse and phased architecture evolution of mobile networks, and the new requirements it presents to the xHaul transport segment.

Ciena and Samsung — Paving the road to open 5G networks

Pre-integrated, pre-validated implementation of multi-vendor 5G networks is no longer a dream. Through a close collaboration, Ciena and Samsung are committed to delivering open, best-in-breed 5G solutions. Learn more about how we have joined forces to help operators support a new generation of 5G use cases.

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5G automation, your way

Profitably delivering on the promise of 5G requires vendor-agnostic, end-to-end automation. No proprietary solutions, no vendor lock-in. With a productized, open approach, Blue Planet accelerates every stage of your 5G journey—from planning through implementation—so you can take back control and drive 5G monetization.

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