Labor standards

Ciena operates in full compliance with the workplace standards required by the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as all standards mandated by any country where we have operations. We have in place and enforce strict workplace policies on ethical behavior and workplace safety, and provide regular training to support adherence to the policies.

Diversity and inclusion

Fostering an inclusive environment where we leverage, value & respect all employees’ perspectives, ideas, and solutions to meet the needs of our customers globally.

Ciena values the diversity of its workforce and respects its employees as individuals, regardless of their race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or age.

Recognition and rewards

Ciena’s culture values and rewards exceptional people. Our people are motivated, well-trained, disciplined, empowered, collaborative and accountable. We reward employees who demonstrate our cultural values with SPOT awards from supervisors and peer recognition programs such as our Applause ecard program.

Professional development

Ciena is committed to our employees’ professional development and career progression. We provide multiple training opportunities onsite and encourage our employees to pursue post-secondary education through a generous tuition reimbursement benefit, which covers tuition, lab fees, books, and materials up to an annual maximum for each country of residence.

Health and wellness

At Ciena our employee's physical and mental wellness is of paramount importance. We offer stress reduction/stress management resources such as our Employee Assistance Program, and we hold managers accountable for monitoring employee stress levels, taking steps to address workload imbalance, and ensuring employees take the vacation and holiday time they have earned.

To support our employees’ physical fitness efforts, we provide a monetary stipend to help underwrite gym and sports club memberships.