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Our success is rooted in people

Together, we make a difference.

Welcome to CienaLife

"Having diversity of views and an environment where people are comfortable expressing their opinions makes great companies. We’re a company rooted in people—seeking to create a vibrant and inclusive environment, where everyone feels they can belong. If we get this right, we’ll go from strength to strength."

Gary B. Smith

Gary Smith
President and CEO

Our promise in action

Globe made of different colored lines and points. Text of Diversity & Inclusion, Community Engagement, Wellbeing, and Corporate Responsibility


We power more than networks.

Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, community engagement, wellbeing initiatives, and corporate responsibility, we empower our people to improve their lives and lift those around them.



Healing the Whole Self


Dear Young Ramona – Be proud of who you are


Asia-Pacific teams making local impact

Diversity & Inclusion

Representation matters - HBCU grads share their stories

Work-life balance

Ciena moms on balancing caregiving and careers


Early career perspectives:
Life in tech

Beyond the office: This is our #CienaLife

Betsy celebrating her 10th year as a girl’s varsity soccer coach
(United States)
Sreepraneta taking a break during a bike ride at Britannia Beach along the Carp River
Bruno enjoying a puppet show in the park with his daughter
Salman discovering inspiration at an art gallery to fuel his photography passion
(United Arab Emirates)
Jose coaching an undefeated youth rugby team
Colleagues celebrating Diwali in the office

Cultural and awareness days

November 1-2: Día de los Muertos (Mexico)
November 4: Diwali
November 11: Veteran’s Day (U.S.), Remembrance Day (AUS)
November 16: International Day for Tolerance
November 25: Thanksgiving (U.S.)

In October, we recognize National Disability Employment Awareness Month (U.S.) and LGBT History Month (U.S. and CAN).

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