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Ciena Services

Services for every phase of your network lifecycle

Ciena Services are designed to help you maximize your network infrastructure investment throughout your lifecycle. We offer a team of specialists who collaborate with you every step of the way to achieve your critical objectives with best-of-breed services that optimize network efficiency and performance.

Customer network lifecycle

Plan & Design | Deploy | Manage & Maintain

Plan and Design Services

Plan and Design Services offer flexible resources and expertise to drive the very best performance from your network. Whether you’re looking to optimize or upgrade your network to next-generation technology, design a new application, or build new infrastructure, these services leverage our subject-matter experts to provide strategic analyses and custom consulting that address your specific needs and challenges.

Deployment Services

Deployment Services provide the essential knowledge and support resources needed to ensure your network is implemented and commissioned accurately, within budget and planned timelines. We provide global and local technical resources to install, test and turn-up your network solution efficiently and effectively—minimizing costs, reducing risk, increasing velocity, and improving time to revenue.

Manage and Maintain Services

Ciena’s Manage and Maintain Services leverage our specialist engineers as virtual members of your team to deliver critical network operations and support functions. Our team can work with you to combine specific services into a comprehensive operations and maintenance package that meets your unique requirements and expectations.

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Network Health as a Service

Based on big data analytics, Network Health offers operators the ability to quickly identify and address areas where problems are likely to arise in a network. It helps shift network maintenance from reactive to proactive and provides guidance and insight on where the network is at risk.

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Topology Discovery

Topology Discovery allows the operator to maximize existing network utilization by uncovering real network connectivity, stitching circuits and identifying stranded bandwidth.

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Alarm Correlation

Alarm Correlation allows clustering of events and reduces the number of issues to troubleshoot by identifying related alarms and targeting them simultaneously.

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