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Defending the smart city: 3 aspects to a holistic security approach

With all the hype around Smart Cities today, you’d think they are ubiquitous. But network security concerns are one reason many deployments haven't progressed from the planning stage.

Why Libraries are Community Broadband’s Best Friend for Success

Libraries directors should be one of the first stakeholders named to your community broadband planning team because libraries are excellent allies for planning, facilitating funding and marketing of your network.......

Hacking Rome: Inside the MEF's latest Hackathon event

The MEF's latest Hackathon event is going on this week in Rome, and John Hawkins has the inside scoop.

Connecting Data Centers Under the Sea

Landing new submarine cables in or nearby large cities only makes sense as long as data centers are actually located within these cities -- but the growing influence of ICPs means this is increasingly not the case.

Can Service Providers Actually Make Money with NFV-based Services?

Can service providers actually make money – and preferably more money than they are today – by moving to NFV-based Enterprise Managed Services? That question more than any other is the driver for a full-fledged......

Strategies for a total communications solution – Vodafone introduces the Hybrid WAN

Alex Connors of Vodafone details the service provider’s new high-capacity Ethernet Services and hybrid WAN portfolio, which uses Ciena gear to enable a wide range of high-performance Ethernet connectivity services.

3 Practical Case Studies for Gov’t Network Innovation in the Cyber Domain

Innovating in the cyber domain doesn’t have to include a significant disruptive shift in network design. Here are 3 case studies to prove it.

Aqua Comms – New Kid on the Trans-Atlantic Block

Peter Zwinkels, Chief Commercial Officer for Aqua Comms, details the provider's new AEConnect trans-Atlantic submarine cable and its CeltixConnect cable connecting Ireland to Wales.

The Advent of Open Submarine Networks

Even as many of today's networks are moving to open architectures, submarine cable networks have remained closed and proprietary. But that is changing due to coherent optics, open APIs and technologies like SDN.

The Evolution and Revolution of Networking Services: On-Demand, Dynamic, Virtualized

How do you evolve your network service offerings using new technologies like SDN/NFV to keep pace with the explosive growth of the technology? Here's a list of evolutionary and revolutionary services on the horizon....

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