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DevOps Agility on Display at #BCE2016 NFV Interop Demo

Ciena's Abel Tong gives his diary of the 5-day NFV multi-vendor interoperability testing that Blue Planet and other vendors participated in as part of this week's Big Communications Event in Austin.

The DevOps Revolution: The “Jig is Up” for Legacy Telco Software Vendors

Ciena Blue Planet is today introducing our new DevOps Toolkit, which provides a platform to create, modify, test and validate service templates so that service providers can quickly offer new SDN/NFV based services....

DCI for Media – Interconnecting Manchester to support broadcast and other media

Colin Sempill, Managing Director at SSE Enterprise Telecoms, talks about the rise of datacentre interconnect services for the Media & Entertainment industry in MediaCityUK.

How can NFV and SDN improve customer centricity?

Network functions virtualization (NFV) is fast becoming a commercial and operational reality. According to a recent study by IHS Infonetics, the global market for NFV hardware, software and services could hit $11.6 ......

A Guide for Delivering Profitable DCI Services

Huge data sets being transmitted between data centers are a challenge for cloud providers and their customers. A new DC Connect Fabric Service provides an answer and a new revenue stream for providers.

Virtualization is nothing without infrastructure: A pragmatic approach to R&E network evolution

The increasing demand for capacity is driving the need to build open, intelligent, physical infrastructure for R&E

Utilities are modernizing – here are three conversations that matter

Ciena's Malcolm Loro gives three recurring challenges he's hearing from Utilities providers, which were also top-of-mind topics at the recent UTC Telecom and Technology annual conference.

Papers from SubOptic 2016 - Emerging Subsea Networks

SubOptic 2016 is a key forum for the debate and exchange of ideas for the entire submarine telecommunications community. We've posted the papers and presentations from Ciena's speakers at the conference.

When Moore Is Not Enough – Why Our Growing Networks Require More Software

Ciena CTO Steve Alexander talks about why our growing networks require more than just the expected gains from Moore's Law, and how software provides an answer.

Defending the smart city: 3 aspects to a holistic security approach

With all the hype around Smart Cities today, you’d think they are ubiquitous. But network security concerns are one reason many deployments haven't progressed from the planning stage.

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