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The new OPNFV group: What it means for the future of NFV and why Ciena joined

Today the Linux Foundation announced OPNFV, an open source software initiative to accelerate industry adoption of NFV. So what's the role of this new NFV group and how Ciena will participate?

Will the on-demand cloud kill static networks?

The prospect of enabling a bandwidth on demand model where customers can pay for only the bandwidth they need, when they need it, can be a scary proposition. So do we think on-demand is going to kill static......

Ciena 8700 gets top rank with 5-diamond award

Ciena’s 8700 Packetwave Platform has just been given the highest rating possible by a group of some of the most influential names in the Cable MSO industry.

TeleGeography Trans-Atlantic Submarine Update

TeleGeography will be hosting a 30-minute update on the state of the Trans-Atlantic Submarine market next Tuesday. TeleGeography is the company that not only keeps tabs on the world's transmission capacity, but......

What is Bandwidth on Demand?

Today, connectivity services are a mostly static experience What’s increasingly needed is a bandwidth on demand (BoD) network that gives us the bandwidth we need, when we need it. But what exactly is BoD and what......

The facts behind your power-hungry metro network

As much as 40% of the total OpEx for a data center comes from the energy needed to power and cool the massive amounts of equipment data centers require. Our new Power Calculator lets you see how much you're......

My kindergarten guide to network monetization

In kindergarten, we all learned to be good listeners, and at Ciena our partner support and network monetization programs are built on it. From the reactions we're getting, our partners like it.

NFV: Avoiding the ‘warehouse club’ model for vendor equipment

The business of networking today largely follows the warehouse club model. Operators spend money up front to buy networking equipment and appliances at volume discounts.NFV promises a way to obtain the right amount ......

Ciena kicks off fall university campus tour

School is back in session, and that means it’s time once again for Ciena’s recruiting team to hit the road for our annual university campus tour across the U.S. and Canada.

NFV – Back to School Edition

The upfront cost of hardware equipment is a lot like the upfront cost of college tuition, with a hope that the spend pays off in the future. But even as the industry looks to move to software-centric NFV......

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