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You can count on us: Ciena is now certifiably disaster ready

Ciena has achieved ISO 22301 certification by the British Standards Institution (BSI), one of the most respected and reputable management systems certification bodies in the world.

How you can finally fix the annual budget/bandwidth squeeze

The annual budget squeeze is coming soon to enterprises near and far. But your network's bandwidth growth shows no signs of slowing down. What can you do to keep the metaphorical belt from bursting?

Commute got you down? Rethink your network navigation with SDN

Just as a growing number of commuters are using the Waze smartphone app to get through traffic faster, SDN offers a better way to navigate from point A to point B on your network.

OTN vs SONET/SDH: Comparing the differences

Paul Littlewood, principal engineer in Ciena's CTO office and co-author of the "Experts Guide to OTN" book, compares OTN and SONET/SDH feature-by-feature to see just where differences reside.

Video Transport Solution Hits it Out of the Park

Driven by the growing desire for HD and UHD capabilities, live broadcasters face a growing challenge in transporting high-bandwidth video content over networks that simply don’t have the required capacity. Ciena’s......

The next iteration in bandwidth isn’t bandwidth at all: 3 key learnings from 2015 EMEA Analysts Day

Mervyn Kelly on Ciena's recent EMEA analyst day, which featured a variety of industry leading experts and yielded 3 distinct themes of conversation.

Spring Clean Your Network with SDN

Is it time to spring clean your network? With SDN it’s easier than ever to clean out and defrag your network, freeing up space and adding speed.

What is mobile fronthaul?

You know mobile backhaul...but what is mobile fronthaul? Our expert Brian Lavallée explains.

Infonetics: Ciena hitting on all cylinders, leads the pack in market momentum

IHS Infonetics says Ciena is “hitting on all cylinders,” ranking us #1 in market momentum in its new 2015 Optical Network Hardware Vendor Scorecard.

Ciena announces 2015 Fellows and Distinguished Engineers

Nearly 100 patents with more on the way. Meet this year’s Ciena Technical Awards of Distinction recipients.

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