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WaveLogic5 Extreme

Transforming networks today.

800G is here. The wait is over.

We’re first to market with 800G. And we’ve gone even further by ensuring record-breaking capacity over longer distances—all with reduced energy consumption and tunable line rates for maximum agility. Read on to learn how WaveLogic 5 Extreme is transforming networks today.

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WaveLogic™ 5 Extreme benefits

More capacity and efficiency.

With unmatched programmability from 200G to 800G, WaveLogic 5 delivers at least 50% more capacity per wavelength and a 30% increase in fiber capacity—so you get more out of your network.

400GbE everywhere.

Enable 400GbE single-wave transport across any distance, even transpacific. Now you can scale your network at the pace of business with less power and cost.  

Evolve to a greener network.

Offer higher connectivity services all while evolving to a greener network. Reduce footprint and energy consumption by 50% or more compared to previous-generation technologies.

WaveLogic 5 Extreme Related insights and resources

WaveLogic™ 5 Nano. Smaller footprint. More applications.

When you want to extend the capacity and optical-layer simplification benefits of coherent technology to access applications, or when reduced power/area and line interoperability requirements are more important than spectral efficiency.

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