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Adaptive IP Apps

Optimize multi-vendor IP network performance

IP is what connects everybody to everything. Demand for high performance applications is ever-increasing and IP networks are expected to deliver. The glitch? IP networks are complex, and it’s a challenge to adapt to dynamic market demands quickly.

Ciena’s Adaptive IP™ Apps deliver the goods. With Adaptive IP Apps, you gain real-time visibility into how routing behavior is affecting customer services and can quickly engineer traffic to optimize performance across multi-vendor IP infrastructure. This paves your way to an automated, open, and lean Adaptive IP network.

The smarts of Ciena’s Adaptive IP solution

Ciena’s innovative solution features Adaptive IP Apps which collect extensive data from multi-vendor IP devices and present IP/MPLS analytics intuitively so that you know exactly how your network is performing—at all times. You can even roll back time to diagnose past issues. Need to adapt? Define your business policies and let the Adaptive IP Apps’ automated traffic engineering do the work for you.

Seamlessly integrated with Ciena's Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) domain controller, Adaptive IP Apps give you ultimate software-defined control and automation over your IP network.

Diagram showing Adaptive IP Apps are critical to Ciena’s automated, open, lean Adaptive IP solution

Features and benefits

No. 1

Multi-vendor, path-aware, service-aware analytics

Adaptive IP Apps collect and analyze real-time telemetry from all devices in the network, collating routing and service performance metrics to enable rapid troubleshooting and improved customer service
No. 2


Adaptive IP Apps are integrated with MCP for consistent operational workflows across optical, Ethernet, and IP layers, enabling multi-layer optimization to extract the most value from your infrastructure
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Adaptive IP Apps automate IP path computation and the provisioning of traffic engineered tunnels based on policies, constraints, and network state, helping assure high Quality of Service (QoS)

Realize the benefits now

Ciena’s MCP Services for Adaptive IP Apps deliver single-point-of-service management so you can quickly deploy your solution and start realizing your vision of analytics-driven, automated operations in record time. With deep expertise and domain knowledge in management and operations systems, as well as IP infrastructure, Ciena’s MCP Services expertise can help you throughout all stages of your rollout as you learn, deploy, migrate, customize, adopt, and operate.

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