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Multi-layer intelligent control plane

Unprecedented automation and resiliency across your network

Today, providers are on the path to realizing the Adaptive NetworkTM—so they can readily meet changing customer expectations and unpredictable traffic requirements. Ciena’s field-proven, mutli-layer, intelligent control plane offers more control over your network—for the freedom to make changes to bandwidth profiles based on specific demand or to offer levels of service that meet end-user requirements. Additionally, it enables a network that can rapidly adapt to problems, outages, maintenance issues, and other changes that might adversely affect performance and reliability.

Increased survivability at the right economics

Ciena has extended its control plane technology out from the core into the metro, access, and long-haul subsea networks, as well as the photonic domain. Ciena’s intelligent control plane works in conjunction with Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP), and OnePlanner Unified Design System to provide:

  • Substantially lower network OPEX with auto-discovery, low-touch service creation, and zero-touch restoration
  • Reduced CAPEX by leveraging automatic photonic protection in conjunction with OTN restoration to survive multiple failures with less-deployed equipment

Reduced CAPEX and OPEX, automated network operations for increased survivability and accelerated service turn-up are key elements in Ciena’s vision for transforming the network into a more programmable, intelligent, and revenue-generating asset.

Unprecedented network resiliency

The ability to restore any service—anytime and anywhere in the network—is a critical to enable a more programmable infrastructure that can respond on demand to meet unpredictable traffic demands. Ciena’s intelligent control plane enables a self-healing network that can withstand multiple simultaneous failures across the network. Restoration paths are continually discovered, and services are rolled over automatically—failure after failure—to ensure constant network survivability.

New differentiated services

Although automation is a vitally important for speed and reliability, Ciena’s control plane includes many options that can be fine-tuned to meet the specific network and service demand. Now you can efficiently offer the highest resiliency with a wide range of service-level guarantees and zero surprises from the network. Differentiated SLAs can be offered with latency-aware optimization for time-critical financial applications, lower MTTR for unprotected services, and protected wavelength services at new economics.

Proven reliability across the globe

Ciena’s intelligent control plane is deployed in large (1,000+ node) networks with field-measured six-9s (99.9999%) reliability, making Ciena a leader in providing fast and efficient network restoration schemes, improving service restoration speeds from months to minutes. With Ciena’s multi-layer intelligent control plane, providers can offer highly resilient networks that can automatically survive multiple failures at new and improved economics.

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