Utility’s new 100G network to enable fast connectivity and enhanced data security

Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), the largest supplier of electrical power in Israel, is transforming its network with Ciena’s (NYSE: CIEN) converged packet optical and software platforms to respond to the growing demand for IT and telecommunications services. Ciena’s solutions will also enable IEC to build and deliver secure high-speed broadband services for private overlay networks as part of IEC’s business development activities.

Key Facts:

  • Through investment in both      100G and OTN switching solutions, IEC is upgrading its network to offer      customers resilient network connectivity and minimize the risk of service      disruptions. This deployment will also allow the utility to consolidate      its network footprint, reduce complexity and lower costs.
  • With these upgrades to the      network, IEC will be able to deploy the state-of-the-art solutions such as      a smart grid and Internet of Things (IoT) services, all from a highly cyber secured environment.
  • Utilities like IEC must      support high bandwidth, secure connectivity across long distances between      data centers and users for their critical data. To address this, IEC will      utilize Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to power a 100G DWDM OTN-switched core network      combined with OTN and photonic control planes to significantly improve the capacity and      resiliency of the network. The solution leverages      Ciena’s WaveLogic Encryption to allow protection of critical in-flight information, without any impact      to performance, while the data traverses its network. IEC will also      utilize Blue Planet’s Manage, Control      and Plan (MCP) software for unified network management and      end-to-end service provisioning and planning.

Executive Comments:

  • “Israel      Electric Company is upgrading its IT systems with the most innovative and      advanced systems in order to supply the best possible service to our      customers. Ciena’s innovative solutions will improve network management,      enhance data security and increase the speed of data transfer across the      organization.”
    -     Ofer Bloch, Chief Executive Officer, Israel Electric Corporation
  • “Transitioning      our network from legacy systems to a high-capacity OTN core at a very high      bandwidth is critical. An optical transmission infrastructure is      increasingly important for the company’s day-to-day functionality. The new      technology will enable 100Gb and 200Gb to operate at a very high speed      without sacrificing network performance, control and management,      reliability or data protection. In seeking a solution, we have selected      Ciena’s packet optical platform and management software which suits our      current and future needs from a technological, innovation and cost-benefit      perspective.”
    -          Yosi Shneck, Senior Vice President, Israel Electric Corporation
  • “Utilities today find themselves at a critical juncture with no choice but to prepare their networks to address new challenges in the industry such as changing consumer behavior and the growing threat of security breaches. Ciena offers field proven, secure packet optical solutions and software to enable utilities to take the first step towards modernization.”
    -          Virginie Hollebecque, Vice President of Regional Sales in EMEA, Ciena

About Israel Electric CorporationThe Israel Electric Corporation (IEC) is a public and government-owned company, generating and supplying electricity to all sectors; approx. 99.85% of the shares are government-owned. Its activities include the generation, transmission and transformation, distribution, supply and sale of electricity to customers. IEC owns and operates 17 power stations with 63 generating units: 18 steam-driven and 45 gas turbines, of which 14 are combined-cycle units. Its Installed capacity stood on 31.12.16, at 13,617 MW. IEC supplies reliable high-quality electricity, complies with leading service standards, maintaining economic, commercial and environmental principles. As of 31.12.16 IEC employs 11,908 employees and provides service to approx. 2.72M customers. Furthermore, the Company is a licensed essential service supplier (as defined in the Electricity Sector Law, 1996) and functions as constructor of the required infrastructure for the remainder of its activities.

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