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6500 Reconfigurable
Line System

6500 Reconfigurable Line System

If you’re a network operator trying to manage bandwidth-intensive applications—like connecting data centers, modernizing MSO access networks, or building out 4G/5G wireless infrastructures—your network must become more adaptive. You need to get more out of your photonic line system. More scale. More density. More programmability. All while taking up less space.

The 6500 Reconfigurable Line System (RLS) is a compact, simple-to-deploy, photonic layer solution that improves scalability, reduces footprint, and offers more flexibility and programmability. It provides highly dense ROADM and amplifier configurations so you can quickly react to unpredictable traffic requirements by scaling nodal connectivity and wavelength add/drop capacity.

Network applications for the 6500 RLS:

Long-haul Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

  • Provides massive scale for the largest DCI deployments with optimized C+L-band architecture
  • Enables the best long-haul performance with Raman amplification
  • Is highly programmable with open APIs for network automation and simple OSS integration


  • Provides a simple deployment and operational model to ease installation and accelerate deployment velocity
  • Reduces footprint with highly dense, compact form-factors, providing scalability for small or large sites

MSO metro/access network modernization

  • Simplifies the transition to optical networking closer to the network edge
  • Enables massive scale to support a large quantity of add/drop wavelengths
  • Reduces footprint at hub and headend locations


Features ultra-dense design for optimal scale with industry-leading 32-port ROADM configuration and optimized C+L-band architecture

Reduces space in high-capacity applications by as much as 70 percent when compared to larger, more traditional chassis-based solutions

Offers compact, modular form-factors with pay-as-you-grow flexibility as nodal capacity and connectivity requirements increase

Fits into a variety of line system applications with a flexible, modular architecture supporting a wide range of photonic layer configurations

Reduces network complexity through a rich set of instrumentation features that speed up deployment and troubleshooting

Delivers advanced programmability with open APIs to ease network integration and enable a more adaptive network

WaveLogic Photonics

The 6500 RLS is part of Ciena’s WaveLogic Photonics solution of flexible, intelligent photonic line system elements that combine with embedded and discrete software tools for superior optical network automation, control, and visibility.

The Adaptive Network

The 6500 RLS provides the scalability benefits of an ultra-dense photonic line system combined with the programmability that’s needed to achieve Ciena’s Adaptive Network vision. The Adaptive Network is set up to self-configure and self-optimize by constantly assessing network pressures and demands. It’s built on a unique combination of programmable infrastructure, automation and control, and analytics—guided by intent-based policies. With the pace of growth in capacity, devices, and mobility, your network must adapt to survive.

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