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Packet-Optical Platform

The 6200 de-risks capital investment by performing aggregation in many network technologies, matching expenditure to revenue, regardless of how a new service is delivered. It's a highly dense edge aggregation transport device that supports a mix of PDH, TDM, and Carrier Ethernet, all in one compact platform.


No. 1

Provides a highly scalable edge platform that supports up to 10G/10GE line rates with 60G low-order non-blocking TDM and 64G wire-speed Ethernet switching fabrics

No. 2

Supports a wide variety of services from E1/DS1 to 10G/10GE

No. 3

Routes each port on each card flexibly and independently over SONET/SDH or Ethernet

No. 4

Supports comprehensive packet transport capabilities including ITU G.8032, Ethernet OAM, SyncE, and 1588v2

No. 5

Leverages AC and DC powering options in a compact 2RU footprint for a perfect fit into customer premises locations

No. 6

Supports both redundant and non-redundant configurations

6200 Visio stencil


  • + Dimensions H x W x D
    • Base Chassis: 88 mm/3.5 in. (2RU) x 444 mm/ 17.5 in. x 235mm/9.2 in.
    • Base + Expansion Chassis: 220 mm/8.7 in. (5RU) x 444 mm/ 17.5 in. x 235mm/9.2 in.
  • + Weight
    • Base: 6kg / 13.2lb
    • Base + Expansion: 13kg/28.7lb
  • + Power
    • Base Chassis: AC power supply: 100V to 240V
    • Base Chassis: DC power supply: -40V to -72V
    • Expansion Chassis: DC power supply: -40V to -72V
  • + Mounting Options
    • 19", ETSI, and 23" rack-mountable
  • + Service Interfaces
    • 60G TDM Cross Connect 1x10G+2x155M/622M/2.5G + 2x155M/622M aggregate
    • 15G TDM Cross Connect 1x2.5G+2x155M aggregate
    • 2x10GE + 2xGE 64G L2 switch
    • 2xGE+4x10/100BT L2 6G switch
    • 4xGE+4xFE Circuit Pack
    • 8xGE circuit pack
    • 63xE1/DS1Circuit Pack
    • 63xE1/DS1(WP) Circuit Pack
    • 6xE3/DS3 Circuit Pack
    • 12xE3/DS3(WP) Circuit Pack
    • 8x155M/2x622M/1x2.5G Circuit Pack
  • + Ethernet Switching
    • Ethernet services:
      • Ethernet UNI
      • Q-in-Q encapsulation
      • Ethernet Private Line
      • Ethernet Virtual Private Line
    • MAC and VLAN switching
    • QoS per client/per WAN port
    • Classification-based marking
    • Traffic Management
    • Scheduling
    • SyncE, 1588v2
  • +Circuit Emulation Services (CES)
    • T1/E1 SAToP (RFC4553)
    • CES over Ethernet per MEF 8
  • + Protection Options:
    • Unprotected
    • 1+1 APS/MSP
    • 2F BLSR/MS-SPRing
    • 1:1 E3/DS3 protection
    • 1:4 E1/DS1 protection
    • ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection
  • + Connection Management
    • Fully non-blocking VC11/VT1.5, VC12/VT2, VC3/STS-1, VC4/STS-3C, VC4-4c/STS-12C
    • LO and HO Virtual Concatenation
    • GFP-mapped Ethernet services
    • Hairpinning
    • Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme
  • + Management
    • Ethernet LAN port to a data communications network (DCN)
    • RS/MS/Path or Section/Line/Path DCC (IP and OSI)
    • L2 in-band management VLANs on packet interfaces
    • M1/F1 port for modem access or for user byte access
    • Site Manager Craft UI
    • Web-based Craft UI
    • OneControl Unified Management System
    • TL-1 and SNMP northbound interfaces
  • +Environmental Characteristics
    • Normal operating temp: 0 to 45C
    • Short term operating tem: -5C to 50C
    • Normal Operating humidity: 5% to 90% RH
  • + Safety Specifications / Standards
    • IEC/EN 60950-1:2001+A11:2004
    • Telcordia GR-1089-CORE, Iss.3
    • IEC/EN 60825-1:1994+A11: 1996 + A2: 2001+A1:2002
    • IEC/EN 60825-2:2004
    • FDA 21 CFR 1040.10
    • CE mark (Conformité Européene)
    • Telcordia GR-63 CORE (NEBS)
    • Bellcore GR-499-CORE, Iss.2
    • ETSI EN 300 019-2-3 Class3.1 (E)
    • EN55022, EN55024
    • EN 300 386 V1.3.3
    • ETS 300 132-2 V2.1.2


Find out all about the 6200 by downloading its spec sheet below


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