As demand for digital content surges, technologies borne in the data center world are quickly finding their way into the networks that interconnect them overland and undersea—and from the core to the edge.

In keeping up with this demand, new markets and regions are emerging as strategic peering hubs for the delivery of content. And the creation of new diverse submarine cable routes feeds the growth of both existing and new peering hubs.

Join Jon Hjembo of TeleGeography, and Brian Lavallée of Ciena, as they discuss the ways both the data center ecosystem and the submarine technology enablers are shifting and adapting every day. We’ll discuss how the data center and submarine sectors are interacting at the edge, key technologies that are optimizing edge performance, and how these technologies will change the way submarine networks are designed, deployed, and managed. Specific topics include:  

  • Analytics and automation that enable the Adaptive Network, overland and undersea
  • Where are the major players focusing their network expansion investments?
  • What makes a point along a larger submarine cable route more attractive and viable for a peering ecosystem?

Don’t miss this interactive Webinar as we ask the question, ‘Are you ready to adapt?’.