Is your network ready for the next big wave in demand? In the era of the empowered digital user, content is king and 5G and IoT will create a tidal wave of new data. Networks will need to dynamically and automatically respond to rapid changes. Legacy processes and systems won’t allow you to compete.

Over the last few weeks, Ciena has introduced you to the Adaptive Network framework – a network that scales to meet demand through automation guided by analytics and intent-based policies.

Join Light Reading's Founder, Steve Saunders, and Ciena's Stephen Alexander, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology officer, for our next webinar, in which we dive into three new real-world case studies.

Through these use cases, Steve will explain how the Adaptive Network can not only help you respond to today's business challenges, but also scale to meet the next wave of demand that's coming. All while providing the critical closed-loop control and automation needed to deliver a superior customer experience.

How do you scale for the next giant demand wave? You build a network that can adapt.