The end-user experience is being redefined by a new generation of applications and services such as robotics for smart factories and highly immersive cloud gaming. These applications demand low-latency performance of less than 20 milliseconds.

Watch as experts from ABI Research, Ciena, and Lightstorm for a panel discussion on all things Edge Cloud, including:

  • Geopolitical factors and key market drivers
  • The business case for Edge Cloud
  • Service provider perspective: A real world use case for Edge Cloud with Lightstorm
  • How to evolve your metro and edge network today to meet tomorrow’s demands

Own the Edge: Spotlight on Edge Cloud is hosted by Dimitris Mavrakis, Senior Research Director, ABI Research. Dimitris is joined by:

  • Gautam Billa (Vice President, Ciena International Sales Engineering)
  • Madhu Pandya (Director, Ciena Asia Pacific)
  • Prasanna C (Head of Product & Marketing, Lightstorm)