In just a few years, much has changed in the transoceanic seascape. Private traffic from the major ICPs has surpassed traditional voice and Internet traffic, causing data center and submarine operators alike to rethink how they manage traffic flows.

Meanwhile, back on terra firma, connecting data centers from opposite sides of the ocean is becoming more challenging as operators are increasingly seeking cost savings by moving farther away from traditional cable landing points located in or near city centers. And it’s the network that ultimately makes or breaks the user experience.

Watch this 30-minute webinar archive as TeleGeography and Ciena discuss the impacts that these shifts in private vs. Internet network bandwidth consumption are having on transoceanic DCI, and the technology and strategies that will keep both submarine and data center operators ahead of the curve when managing their traffic flows.

Attend and learn how:

  • ICPs are becoming majority consumers of transoceanic bandwidth
  • The Openness initiative will change the seascape and the landscape of DCI
  • GeoMesh allows you to change how and where DCI networks are constructed