Imagine if your network could scale and drive itself.

Cloud computing, network virtualization, HD video, and other high-bandwidth services are putting extra pressure on today’s networks, requiring them to scale and adjust in real time to surging and often unpredictable traffic demands.

But optical networks today are predominantly static and dependent on operator intervention and truck rolls for capacity and service changes. What if your network could independently adapt to application demands and adjust capacity across paths based on traffic requirements?

What if it could drive itself?

In this on-demand webinar, Ciena’s Rick Dodd, Chief of Open Architecture, and Joe Cumello, Vice President of Portfolio and Solutions Marketing, will reveal how you can gain new insights, efficiencies, and automation from your network:

  • Drive twice the capacity per wavelength and dramatically lower cost per bit
  • Match capacity to system margin across a broad range of applications with tunable bandwidth from 100G to 400G in 50G increments
  • Access unprecedented levels of network performance data that can be mined to build on-demand, programmable networks

Watch today and help usher in the future of networking—where IoT, machine learning, and massively disruptive on-demand services are born and deployed instantly.