Optical networks and the people who manage them are feeling the pressure of the web-scale IT trend.

Ideas born inside the data center—including openness and virtualization—result in a ripple effect on the WAN. The age-old demand for more bandwidth at lower cost continues, but is now joined by a push for on-demand cycle times and software-defined adaptability to application needs.

You're seeing this pressure whether your network connects a campus, metro region, country, or even extends across the ocean. Whatever your network, this new web-scale world demands new capabilities.

If you want to get smarter about the latest optical networking advances, join Ciena's Rick Dodd, Senior Vice President, Strategic Markets as he discusses the web-scale dynamics in play and how you as a network operator can meet demand for both agile and expansive bandwidth.

Watch the webinar and learn how:

  • A new architectural approach can make on-demand metro 100G more affordable
  • Advances in coherent optics can deliver new levels of capacities and efficiencies for 100G applications

Watch the archive today to learn how to web-scale your network.