As an education technology leader, you’re faced with providing a technology infrastructure that can support a rapidly changing learning paradigm. The successful implementation of educational technology advancements relies heavily on the underlying broadband infrastructure. However, too often these broadband networks are still leveraging legacy network technologies and architecture developed before the digitization of the classroom and recent advancements in educational technology.

Watch Daniele Loffreda from Ciena and Aarti Bhatnagar from EducationSuperHighway to find out how changes in education will require changes in your network, and answer:

  • What are the biggest Ed Tech bandwidth drivers?
  • How will a lack of bandwidth impact the delivery of education, and the success of new initiatives?
  • What options are available, and best for your school district?

Learn how educational technology, predictive modeling, and data security concerns are impacting your network, and which new options will ensure your network makes the grade.