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Powering 21st century learning

Personalized learning. Digital curriculum. Advanced collaboration tools. Maximizing every student’s potential can max out your network. The demands placed on K-12 broadband networks by web-based educational tools and mobile devices in classrooms often exceeds most K-12 broadband network capabilities.

When fueling student learning potential, the right network is everything. Continued investment in network infrastructure helps sustain support of new learning initiatives, and in turn improves student outcomes.

The big three

No. 1

Scalability over time with minimal incremental investment supports high-bandwidth requirements and growth projections that exceed 10 Gb/s. As aggregate bandwidth grows, average cost decreases.

No. 2

Capacity and performance optimization empowers students and staff with access to the resources they need to maximize success.

No. 3

Simplification of application delivery and a robust management system allows districts to support all phases of network operation: network planning, provisioning, monitoring, alarms, troubleshooting, advanced diagnostics, and inventory management.

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What’s next

The evolution of education will have a significant impact on your broadband network. Ensure your educational technology initiatives successfully improve student outcomes. Ciena can help you explore your district’s network requirements today and into the future.

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Industry insights

Recent E-Rate funding changes added new options to consider and created an unprecedented—and potentially short term—opportunity to build the next-generation K-12 broadband network. There are three basic options for your broadband network:

  1. Traditional managed (lit) service
  2. Leased dark fiber with management services
  3. Self-provisioned private networks

E-Rate program changes and growing demand for larger amounts of network bandwidth are causing K-12 districts to evaluate whether to deploy dedicated, private fiber networks or continue to buy managed network services for Internet access and district WANs.

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Ciena Insights

It’s time for a new broadband strategy. K-12 broadband networks need a clear strategy for investing in and transitioning to a more open and dynamic infrastructure that balances new initiatives and current network service support. By proactively building a high-capacity network vs. implementing incremental changes, the increased demands of wireless technologies, mobile devices, and high-speed connectivity can be met. Start planning your path to a high-capacity next-generation network solution to enable anytime, anywhere broadband access for students and staff.

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