Ann Cantrell, Advisor of Product Line Management at Ciena explains how an all-access learning program can help your team improve their skills, increase productivity, and deliver better results, no matter their role or location, and one North American operator has the results to back it up.

Does your team need training, but you struggle to find time for them to complete it?

What if your team participated in training on a broad range of hardware and software, and afterward, you heard:

  • 100% of learners surveyed indicated that they improved their skills with the online content available using self-paced learning paths.
  • 82% of learners surveyed indicated that they were able to apply what they learned from the content within six weeks of taking it.
  • 74% of learners surveyed noticed a significant improvement in their job performance after utilizing the content available.

These are the actual results of a network operator based in North America with employees and networks worldwide after taking advantage of an all-access learning program.

Like many organizations, this network operator had limited resources within their corporate learning team. They needed help ensuring their team members were knowledgeable and proficient with the network technology they were deploying. Some of the key struggles they faced were:

  • The urgent need to quickly upskill new team members onboarding from a recent acquisition.
  • Increased retirement rates from their workforce which created a large volume of backfill new hires.
  • Team members worked at different locations across the US and around the world.
  • A lean corporate learning team who could not manage a deluge of individual learning subscriptions, licenses, and enrollments.
  • Difficulty keeping track of all the vendor training that team members were taking.

Learning helps strengthen your staff’s understanding of the network to help them deliver the high-quality network performance that increases customer satisfaction.

So, how did this network operator enable their lean Learning organization to bring knowledge to their entire workforce successfully? They took advantage of an all-access learning program that included:

  • Online, self-paced courses, simulations, and videos to support every Ciena product in the customer’s network, from introductory to advanced levels.
  • Custom-curated learning paths where learners can get the exact training they need to be successful without having to search and browse for content.
  • Flexibility for learners to browse and search beyond their assigned learning paths to take additional online self-paced courses of interest.
  • Online, self-paced associate-level Technology Certification courses and exams to complement their product knowledge and grow their professional credentials.
  • Turnkey marketing materials for corporate learning organizations to promote learning internally.
  • Full transparency of learning progress and completion records for managers and the learning organization, plus complete downloadable transcripts for individual learners.
The answer to your training needs

Learning helps strengthen your staff’s understanding of the network to help them deliver the high-quality network performance that increases customer satisfaction.

Want to bolster your team’s knowledge to get the most out of your network investment? Ciena Services' all-access learning enables your whole organization to take advantage of a wide range of courses developed by experts. Our all-access learning is self-paced, online learning for all purchased Ciena products, always available to meet flexible training needs. No scheduling, waiting, or activation is required. All your organization’s Ciena products are included, along with associate-level, vendor-neutral technology certifications.