2021 is a year of change for service provider networks. For many it’s time to update, modernize, and usher in new approaches and concepts. Are you ready? 

Well don’t worry, our experienced professionals are and in our fast-paced Routing and Switching Summer Webinar Series they share what’s new and important in the world of routing and switching. Join us to take a serious look at how you can take the right path on your network journey—starting with next-generation PON and ending with IP/Optical convergence as the finale. 

Next-Gen PON: An Advanced Introduction to Passive Optical Networks

Both ITU-T and IEEE have created next-generation PON standards. This session provides an overview of next-generation PON technologies in the access and how pluggable micro OLT technologies light the way for advanced mobile, enterprise, and residential services.
Speaker: Wayne Hickey, Advisor Portfolio Marketing

What is YANG and Why Should I Care?

This session will help you understand the role YANG plays in network automation and programmability, how it relates to protocols such as NETCONF and RESTCONF, and why these are technologies people in networking need to learn to stay ahead of the curve.
Speaker: Ivana Lemos, Advisor Portfolio Marketing

Cybersecurity: The Critical Role of MACsec 

The rush is on to protect enterprise, government, and utilities as hacking threats grow. This session explores how Media Access Control security (MACsec) slams the door shut and protects against cyberattacks.
Speaker: Wayne Hickey, Advisor Portfolio Marketing 

IP/Optical Convergence: Architecture Modernization to Support Next-Gen Use Cases 

Architecture modernization conversations are heating up around the industry as providers look to support new revenue-generating mobile, residential, and business applications. Optimized routing, IP/Optical hardware convergence and intelligent network control software are hot topics. If you want to learn about the architecture approach required to address ever-changing application demands in the industry, this session is for you.
Speaker: Gina Nienaber, Director of Portfolio Marketing 

Make sure to catch this fast-paced summer webinar series and learn what's new in routing and switching—from access to metro.