As small, medium, and mid-sized business and enterprises (SMB/SME) grow, high-performance business class internet connectivity that’s lightning-fast, secure, and capable of meeting or exceeding both immediate and future business needs is critical.

Enterprises’ needs go far beyond connectivity, which is why Ciena has developed a cost-effective 10G Passive Optical Network (PON) solution for network operators to provide a better customer experience that lets you better stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. Ciena puts network operators in better control of their own destiny by enabling choice, with a broad selection of purpose-built PON desktops and flexible pluggables. Our simpler solution allows for dedicated or shared fiber connections to a single platform targeted specifically for SMB/SME customers.

Expanding Ciena’s 10G PON solution

On February 26th, Ciena introduced its 10G/10G symmetrical XGS-PON solution, including our flexible and pluggable micro 10G PON Optical Line Terminal (OLT). Today, Ciena is unveiling the expansion of our 10G PON solution, with business class devices, including symmetrical 10G/10G flexible and pluggable Optical Network Termination or Optical Network Unit (ONT/ONU), two desktop models (3801 and 3802), and PON Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (PON OAM) software.


Ciena’s 10G PON solution


To help network operators address their customer business needs at the network edge, Ciena is introducing a new pluggable 10G PON ONT/ONU network solution that is purpose-built to address next generation Cable MSO access and low-cost metro access to allow for maximizing ROI.

Pluggable+XGS-PON+ONT+ONU+product+imageCiena’s pluggable extended temperature 10G PON ONT/ONU allows flexible, open deployment within Ciena’s feature-rich extensive packet portfolio (the 3920 family of Packet Networking platforms) to address key SMB/SME 10G PON market opportunities.

As the network edge emerges as a critical location for connect, compute, and store, network providers are evolving from building separate, siloed networks.

Ciena’s Universal Edge 10G PON access and aggregation infrastructure helps eliminate operational complexity by minimizing the number of platforms to own and operate while reducing power and space requirements. The result is faster deployments, improved service velocity, and a reduced total cost of ownership, all working together to improve customer experience and retention.

XGS-PON Desktops

To help network operators address their customer business needs on premise, Ciena is introducing two ITU-T G.9807.1 XGS-PON compliant desktops – the 3801 and the 3802.  The 3801 XGS-PON desktop will support 1GbE; and the 3802 desktop will support 10GbE edge network connectivity.

PON+compliant+desktop+productCiena’s 3801/3802 allows flexible, open deployment within Ciena’s 10G PON solution to address key SMB/SME 10G PON market opportunities. The 3801 enables low-cost metro access to allow for maximizing ROI, while 3802 targets higher applications enabled by advanced timing and capacity.

Network operators can simplify service deployment, assure performance, and decrease time to revenue, using either the 3801 or 3802 business-grade desktops.


PON network planning, infrastructure commissioning, service fulfillment, and service assurance can be complex as networks have grown to serve the increasing bandwidth-hungry world. From OLTs to ONUs, and everything PON in between. Ciena’s PON OAM software makes network and service management simpler. PON OAM can be cost effectively hosted on an external x86 server or internally on our universal aggregation platform with Ciena’s Adaptive IPTM software.


PON OAM ONU management

Ciena’s 10G PON solution also supports multi-vendor interop or 3rd party ONU integration and avoids vendor lock-in by supporting both ONU Management Control Interface (OMCI) and Ethernet OAM in-band management. With rich carrier-class OAM&P software, operators can persistently store configurations, provide PM data collection, do fault monitoring, and manage firmware image.

PON OAM’s carrier class management and control supports Northbound IP Application Programming Interface (API) support for gNMI, NETCONF/YANG, and streaming telemetry over Secure Shell (SSH). As well, Ciena’s Manage, Control and Plan (MCP) or embedded WebGUI can be used for configuration and monitoring.

A new simplicity for the PON

Ciena’s 10G PON solution enables flexible and open deployments within our feature-rich extensive Packet Networking portfolio. Instead of needing large purpose-built PON chassis, network operators can now bring more value to their networks, by supporting concurrent PON, IP, and Ethernet services on the same Ciena aggregation platform, while taking advantage of tightly integrated Class of Service (CoS) per-service to ensure traffic priority and per ONT/ONU traffic management and statistics for assurance.

Adding 10G PON capable IP and Ethernet platforms increases operator competitiveness by doing more with less, but at the same time turning up services faster. Network operators can unify fiber for different services, aggregate those services in a simple, open, and cost-effective solution.

To find out how to remove the constraints and bring more value to your network edge today, and ask us how Ciena helps Evolutionize Your Packet Network.