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How the need for more and closer connectivity is changing the market in Latin America

Emerging applications and the growing adoption of online behaviors are bringing new revenue opportunities and business models. But how is this working out in the CALA region, and in particular, what does it mean for service providers in the region?

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Keep ahead of demand with PlannerPlus—another winning MCP Application

Hoping for a way to build out network capacity incrementally to get the most return from capex as soon as possible? Marie Fiala explains how Ciena's PlannerPlus provides the needed flexibility to design, plan and deploy network and service expansions with reduced time horizons.

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Abstract blue and white pattern Simplifying Open Submarine Cable Link Engineering

The following handbook outlines additional use cases and considerations for simplified Open Submarine Cables link engineering.

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What is Network Analytics?

Utilizing artificial intelligence and automation technologies, network analytics helps operators make smarter, data-driven operational and business decisions.

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