“Give me 500 words on what you did over the summer,” kicks off many a kid’s first day of school. For those who attended Ciena’s Packet Networking Summer Camp, Music Camp edition, the assignment will be easy. Our Ciena rock stars belted out chart-toppers 5G transport, 400G and the need for speed, migrating to TDM, and the importance of latency.

Bummed that you missed a jam session? All four of these 30-minute classics are now available on-demand. Tune in and rock out anytime.

Here’s the set list:

As a bonus, we’ve included some great Q&A content from the live sessions. And, our poll questions were so much fun, we thought we’d include them too. Here’s one to share:

CE Camp Poll

2017 Packets Summer Camp logo
Learn to sing some new songs - watch all four to make sure you’re one of the cool kids when school’s back in full swing. On-demand Summer Camp Webinar Series.

And remember, practice what you learned and give a holler if you have more questions or would like to jam some more. See you next summer.